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Both in Cesme and Izmir region, which holds whole ice production, roots and dynamics is a Limited Liability Company. “Customer satisfaction” is focused on the necessity of a new product offerings "exceeding expectations in service quality" concept and provided to us today, up to this day continues to put forward.

Then our first aim to work; timely, healthy, to be able to provide quality service, is constantly making to all institutions and organizations. Snacks are available at any restaurant and/or beach/club in the summer or winter, cold inside as the preferred reder leaves or crushed ice fishers for service quality in one.

All of these reasons since 1995, Izmir, Cesme, Karaburun, Dikili, Ayvalik and also Bodrum region, 300 km. cape probability in the whole big region, 1000 for over the point, mid-scale, large-scale customers are ours.

Why do we need to choose CESME ICE CO. ?
• High quality ice production and storage process of elimination of the difficulties,
• Reliability for ice is produced, Turkey and all over Europe for Gourmet Ice is called according to quality, 201 210%
• High cost of installation of the ice machine, the presence of food for ur too often, the need for maintenance and the high cost of these operations,
• Significant reduction in electricity and water supply expenses,
• Ice consumption to be controlled by the operator to provide,
• T. C. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry permission and Food Safety (TS 22000) norms, it is manufactured in a high hygienic environment,
• Ice production system used in the reverse osmosis water treatment with 100% (THE PRODUCTION water PH 15 (FS °) and thereby periodically analyzing,


- Miscellaneous 5-star Deluxe and Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Catering Companies
- Superior Grocers
- Custom manufacturing and industrial continuous processing issues
- Events Duke's, corporate meetings, and special events such as parties

Our Certificates;
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