Veriyaz Veriyaz
Franchise Category: ICE
Company Name: The CESME ICE CO.
Year of Establishment: 1995
Number of Branches: 3
Franchise Terms:

• Reefer or closed box van or ice suitable motor transport, discovery.
• Market, tourism and leisure industries to locate in the business environment conducive to doing business.
• In total sales area is known to be someone.
Note: Additional requirements for dealership will be finalized at the meeting.

Franchise Support:
• Is the main capital of the ice we always ensures we'll be.
• Business cards, brochures and other written documents have been provided to you by us.
• Internet support.
• Franchise.
• Investment costs, fixed costs (rent of store, fuel, etc..) Is frustrated with.
• Oratal but the profit margin is 50%.
Note: Support for additional demands are taken into account.