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Ice Product Varieties

Gourmet Crystal Cube Ice

Cold drinks and cocktails to be consumed are used to obtain the desired degree of cold and without any additive in purified water is produced from artesian.
Crystal Ice production, all the leading brands on Earth known as the Scotsman brand, with Italian machine is provided. Produced ice is XL size and also known the gourmet ice cubes.


Kg. of Packages: 4 kg +- 100 gr / 2kg +- 50gr / 1 kg +- 20 gr

Flake Ice

Cooled round, smooth surface in thin layers obtained by freezing of the water ice leaves 2-3 mm thickness. Flake Ice, from -35 to -5 degrees that the temperature and thin compressed dense water saturation, may be called in as a layer of ice. Online moisture loss and to cover the entire surface of the food and nutritional quality of the food can prevent the loss.
Practices has proved that the leaves moist foods and ice from, can hold on low heat for a long distance and time, the food will remain fresh for a long time and even if passed, will prevent perishable.

Kg. of Packages: 21kg +- 500gr

Block Ice

In the Dough for the Industrial Backeries, marine products, shipping and/or storage, external cooling is used in weddings and special events as well.
Tourism facilities animation, ice sculptures and also the molds used for the different figures in the pond, pool and animation are used to reduce the temperature of the water. In concrete plants, especially air temperature rises to impair the quality of the concrete in the time to maintain the quality standards used in the concrete mixer.

Kg. of Packages:23kg +- 500gr

Crushed Block Ice

External cooling, fish shipment, storage and protection of the quality and freshness of the fish used for export. Difference from flake ice to crushed ice the cooling function is bigger than that.

Kg. of Packages: 23 kg +- 500gr

Dry Ice

Dry ice is frozen by carbon dioxide, has the ability to evaporated. To turn into a liquid when the ice melts like normal instead of carbon dioxide gas as flies. With the ability to fly very cold and dry ice occurs most preferred is the substance of the freezers.
Extremly long journeys (ER) and the melting of frozen foods from spoiling packed with dry ice to be sent to be sent is the most appropriate method. Rink us today, the most basic usage, because of the organ transplantation which are uses in the hospitals.

Ice Shot Glasses

  Ice Sculpture

Private events, for parties or festivals, Ice Sculptures are made on order